Love Is Candid - Your Wedding Photos Should Be Too


Hey, I’m Peter.

If my friend’s had to describe me to you they first tell you that I am a dog lover and that my dog is my world - we have a special story. They would also tell you that I am very passionate about my craft and I love to travel - so much that I have been known to take spontaneous trips at a snap of a finger. After all all life is too short to not explore and see the world.

When I am not photographing or editing your wedding photos you would find me hunting for the next best taco in the city - God I love taco’s! Or trying to find my next adventure.

Something most people don’t know about is that I wrote my bucket list out on paper in 2015. Ever since then I try to cross off at least 3 things off my list a year. My only problem is that every year my list keeps getting longer.








We start our friendship by you saying hello through our contact form or emailing  with all of the details of your wedding including your date, photography budget, venue and some of your plans and ideas.

We sit down (or Facetime) over drinks together and get to know each other a little better. We look at examples, discuss all of the details, including your itinerary. If you don't know how much coverage you might need I can help you determine that based on your needs.

Upon deciding the package of your choice or working together to create a custom package for you based on your unique needs, we move forward to booking. We save the date together with an agreement and a retainer. Let the planning begin!


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